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What Is Browser Cache and Why Do You ‘Clear It’?!

“Clear your cache” is a phrase we hear a lot when trying to fix an issue with our internet browser. When you search for a solution to most browsing errors you’ll notice the number one recommendation is always to ‘clear your cache’ first. But what is cache exactly? Why do we have to clear it? […]

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What Can a Good Web Host do for You?

One of our many web design services is web hosting. Our main focus is WordPress web hosting. However, we are not limited to just WordPress. As a Las Vegas web host, we provide excellent server resources and website builders for websites we host. Discover the benefits of having a good web host. What Is a […]

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future of ecommerce

What Is the Future of eCommerce in 2019?

The future of eCommerce looks like it’ll continue to go from strength to strength. Not only is it growing at more than 15% year over year, but it’s now become the most popular retail medium, with 51% of US consumers preferring to shop online. eCommerce continues to evolve, and 2019 looks set to be no […]

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holiday ecommerce

Get Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Holidays

For many online retailers, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. It’s when shoppers let rip, using the disposable income they’ve built up during the year to splurge on gifts for loved ones. eCommerce websites experience additional traffic during this time, so it’s essential to make sure that your website is prepared […]

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website optimization

Quick Tips to Optimize Your Website for the Mobile Generation

The world is becoming more and more mobile. Tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices are commonplace. With more people using them to go online on a daily basis, you need to make sure your website is catering to mobile users. Discover some website optimization tips to grow your business in the mobile generation. How to […]

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ecommerce website development process

What to Know before Starting eCommerce Website Development

Whether you’re launching a new digital business or want to expand your existing company by taking it online, developing an eCommerce site can unlock the door to a world of new opportunities. However, with roughly two billion websites on the market, yours needs to be created in the best possible fashion. The eCommerce website development […]

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audit website security

Cyber Security: How to Tell If Your Website Is Secure

In a world where online interactions play a more central role in business than ever before, it’s absolutely vital that your website becomes one of the best weapons in your arsenal. To truly unlock the full potential of the site, however, it’s imperative that you keep it secured. Without the right protection, your company could […]

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Why Use WordPress?

What is WordPress you ask? WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) available today. Over 75 million websites are using it. This CMS is unique because it has thousands of plugins and WordPress templates that create a flexible and straightforward interface. Traits like these help reduce deployment time and development costs. […]

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WordPress Security – Version 4.7.2 Fixes Vulnerabilities

WordPress Security Update WordPress Security is very important.  Wordpress is great, but since it is the most popular web publishing system in the world, it is makes WordPress a hackers biggest target. Luckily the people at Automattic keep on top of the issues and release Security and Bug updates. WordPress 4.7.2 Security Release is an […]

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WooCommerce Subscriptions hits 2.1

One of the biggest changes to the popular WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins is the addition of some great features Subscription Reports Failed Recurring Payments Retry Manual Payment Retry New Cancellation Dates and several other features including new customizable emails and others… For the overview, check out this update on WooCommerce.com. What’s New in Subscriptions 2.1 – […]

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