How Much Does A Website Cost?

This is by far the most common question we get here at Quadshot.

It is a natural question to ask. While we wish it was a clear-cut answer, with a simple set of check-boxes like a Sushi menu, it’s not that simple.

Think about a website as you would a house: Imagine you are in the market to buy a house. You call a Realtor and ask, “How much does a house cost?” The realtor will likely respond with an obvious question, “What kind of house are you looking for?”

Do you prefer 2 or 5 Bedrooms? Do you want Central Air Conditioning? If you live in Las Vegas, you definitely do. Do you want a pool? How many square feet? What kind of roof? The questions seem to go on, but you need to know what you are looking for.

Well, this is much like asking, “How much does a website cost?”

Along the vein of the house analogy, we can however give some options, like buying a house.


You can buy a pre-made home with very few options. If you have ever seen a ‘planned community’ you’ll see many houses look alike. This is akin to the Henry Ford’s Model-T philosophy: You can have any color as long as it’s black.

Similarly, you can choose a ‘prefab’ website. There are many companies that make themes with some limited choices of layout, color schemes – unlike Henry Ford – and some pre-made functionality.

PROS: Cheap and there are many Themes available.

CONS: Limited to the functionality of the Theme as well as the layout and structure of the site. The choices are limited and this is not for a high traffic site.


Sometimes you can buy a home and choose several options. In that same planned community, you might (if your HOA allows) opt for a pool, special siding, custom doors, a den instead of a large garage, etc. This allows your house to be unique.

In website development, we can start with a ‘framework’ and develop very customized functionality based on that framework. This is a common approach our customers take.

You get the benefit of having a robust starting point, but adding custom plugins (functionality) and design (theme customization).

Designers and Consultants like this option since it keeps costs reasonable while providing flexibility.

PROS: Cost-Effective, Customized and Short Project Timelines

CONS: Limited to what you can customize based on selected Theme/Framework, dependence on open-source functionality to work as-is.


You want a mansion on a hill. Or perhaps a beautiful house in the woods overlooking a lake. In either case, your brand needs to stand out.

Starting with a project plan and custom designs, we build a complete ground-up Theme, Templates, customized plugins and scaling/caching architecture to create a unique customer experience.

Our media, news and entertainment clients often choose this to handle the immense traffic they draw. Half a billion page views? No problem …

PROS: Completely custom to your needs. Dedicated project management, developers, systems and QA. Scalable. Stable.

CONS: Cost. Time to market depends on project scope.

Samuel Bayer Photography Website.

Samuel Bayer

Samuel Bayer is an award winning film and video maker, known for his cutting edge look, story telling and ability to bring the extraordinary to life. He has shot and directed videos for The Strokes, Nirvana, Hole and Green Day. Bayer won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction in 2005 and 2007 among many other awards.

Bayer and his designer Joseph Gilbert enlisted Quadshot Software in 2012 with the desire to not just show his videos in a unique fashion, but to also showcase his other passion, photography. Built with presentation in mind and targeted to industry professionals, the site features various ways to mix and sort film and video.

Built on WordPress with a custom front page Sliding Gallery that Samuel has full control over images (size, re-size and look), content linking and text if desired, custom navigation and ease of use via custom shortcodes. Some other fun features are the “link fade” animation, custom sort via Custom Post Types and Taxonomy with an opacity overlay, and a nice use of Custom Post Types for the portfolio sections. Although most work is custom, we did get to use Posts To Posts (props to Scribu and Ciobi for their excellent work. Posts To Posts allows Samuel to create Awards as one entry and Video as another and easily associate entries without doing any additional “copy and paste” work.

To learn more about Samuel Bayer, visit Wikipedia/SamuelBayer.

Quadshot Software is pleased to announce the launch of

WordPress Contribution

qs-wordpress-iconMy contribution to WordPress is finally in there. It all goes back to when we started this project from our client Buzz-Media. We had a pretty complicated problem dealing with types of data, to which the newest feature of WordPress in 3.0 (custom post types) was the logical answer.

The problem broke down to basically this. When you query posts using something similar to:

get_posts(array('post_type' => array('book', 'newspaper-article',

you can specify an array of ‘post_types’ that can be searched through. Thus, if you know, for instance, that the name of the entry contains the word ‘dog’ but you do not know if it is a ‘book’, ‘newpaper-article’, or a ‘paper’, then you would normally call something like:

get_posts(array('post_type' => array('book', 'newspaper-article',
'paper'),'s' => 'dog'));

What I found was that you could not specify this via the url with a query string. Typically, with WordPress, you can specify a url like the following and it will work:

however, if you need to specify that you think it is either a book or a newspaper-article, you would think that the url should be structured similar to this:[]


(the latter because often times WordPress accepts arguments in comma delimited format), but neither actually work in 3.0. This, in my opinion, is wrong, since:

  1. if you omit the post_type query var, WordPress by default checks all post_types for that named post
  2. you can specify an array in the params sent to both get_posts() and query_posts()
  3. this was the newest feature of 3.0, and thus should have the flexibility built right in

As it turns out, the creators of WordPress agreed with me, and asked for a solution to the problem, if I was willing to offer one. Luckily, I had already created a solution, and I submitted it for their approval. After several corrections to code structure (to be in compliance with their coding standards), it was accepted and slotted to be released with WP 3.1, and it was. Also, my change incited additional, similar bug fixes in the same file/function as this one.

I am proud to announce that I am officially a contributor to WordPress Core, not just tons of plugins.

Celebuzz re-launches with brand new website launched with a new website!

From their news team:

As you can see, Celebuzz has a brand-spanking-new look and design that we think is pretty freaking sweet. The layout, structure and everything that went into it was for you: We want to give you the best celebrity news experience out there.

You’ll see bigger gallery layouts and a much-improved photo experience, cleaner article pages and nifty little related content pieces placed into stories that we think you’ll enjoy. We want to curate the news in a way that keeps you fascinated and engaged.”

Check out the site at .

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