Website Optimization


Website Optimization Services & Speed Optimization

Quadshot has performed website optimization of code, database and caching for several high-traffic clients.

Why is website optimization important? In today’s world some people have increasingly low attention spans. Each millisecond of slowdown can make a huge financial difference to a blog, news or e-commerce website.

Optimization services include:

  • Code  –  minification, consolidation, sequencing
  • Database  –  reducing number of queries, length of query and optimizing structure
  • Caching – several types/levels of custom caching and CDN

One (white label) customer, a major magazine publication, had a home page download speed of over 12 seconds total. When Quadshot completed the project, that was brought under 2 seconds. Traffic, and therefore ad revenue, quadrupled in the first month. ROI on the project was 7 weeks.

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