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Quadshot- Software, LLC (“Quadshot”) was founded in 2009  in Nevada.

We are exclusively a custom WordPress development company. WordPress is the most popular publishing platform for websites, powering over 1/5 of websites through out the world. By focusing on ONE platform and doing it successfully for years, Quadshot has developed expert methods of providing our customers with stable, scalable and easy-to-manage websites.

Since inception, Quadshot has deployed many successful customer projects. Our customer’s combined sites deliver over 500 million page-views a month in diverse areas including e-commerce, publishing, news, celebrity and video/image intensive sites. While each customer project has their own unique look and feel, they are all delivered on the  WordPress publishing platform.

Our founder, Michael Cremean is a former CTO and Director of Technology of several internet startups. Michael has led teams of over 70 people and managed several multi-million dollar projects over the last 20 years. The core staff of Quadshot are the ‘cream of the crop’ that  Mike has worked with over the last 2 decades. This ‘elite squad’ develops some of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress and regularly contribute core changes to the WordPress open-source project.

 Our company philosophy:

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) -  We believe in simplicity so much our motto is 'Software - Made Simple'

  • Transparency with our customers on all project activities is good

  • Quality > Quantity

  • Open Source Software > Closed Source

  •  We love LAMP

  • Focus on solutions, not problems

  • Working smart > working hard

  • When you make a mistake:  admit it, learn from it and move on

  • Customers are awesome (they enable us to have jobs!)

P.S. Why is it named Quadshot? Well, when thinking of a company name at a local coffee shop, an order was called out. 'Mike - Quadshot'. A quick domain search and the rest is now history.  Yes, a Quadshot of espresso is a bit much, but after developing for 12 straight hours, sometimes you just need more.

The four dots in our logo don't stand for the four shots of Espresso though. It represents our favorite development environment - LAMP. (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) That is what we deploy WordPress, WooCommerce and OpenTickets sites on. That 'Quadshot' powers all our customer projects.

Michael Cremean, Founder and CEO

aka “Open Mike”

Mike is a former CTO and Director of Technology of several internet startups. His expert leadership has commanded teams of 70+ people and has guided numerous complex technology product launches over the last 20 years. Mike has driven launching of products in many markets, including Wireless, Mobile, Robotics, Online Learning, Gaming and Streaming Media.

Mike has 6 patents, plays quite a few musical instruments and loves coffee.  He lives in Las Vegas with his two trusty sidekick dogs, Sally and Maggie, also know as Quadshot's official corporate mascots. Mike also sits on the board of a couple nonprofit organizations and believes in helping people.

Chris Webb – Co-Founder and CTO

aka “Super 1337 Haxorlator”

Chris comes originally from Kentucky, where they don’t call it KFC, it’s just FC. Prior to Quadshot Chris developed large-scale e-commerce platforms handling over a million SKUs, architected systems sustaining millions of unique page-views a day and worked with large scale mail management systems. He is an open-source advocate living and working in LAMP. He has also made contributions to the WordPress Core which were included in the code-base.

Chris developed systems that allow our customers to deliver a ‘bazillion page views a day’. (Ok, half a billion.) He lives in Las Vegas, runs Triathlons and makes square pegs fit round holes on a daily basis.

Tom Smith –  Lead Developer

aka “Strong KungFu”

Tom Smith has been part of the Quadshot crew since the early beginning and his KungFu is very strong. He has worked on custom e-commerce systems, robotic vision systems and many, many WordPress and custom PHP projects. A LAMP aficionado, he lives and breathes code. Well, with the strong KungFu coding, he also makes strong coffee, which he has shared with staff on many occasions. Tom lives in Venice, CA and is a proud papa.

Stacy Makdad –  Project Manager

aka “The Whip”

Stacy hails from Trinidad in the Caribbean, and has a exceptional way of whipping things into progress. After moving to Las Vegas, Stacy owned a Virtual Assistant company where she assisted numerous business executives with managing their schedules and simultaneous projects. Stacy's has an eye for detail, accuracy and time management. When not managing Quadshot, she hikes, is a meditation advocate and a culinary expert.


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