Website Security

Security Analysis, Hardening and Ongoing Monitoring

Trust Experts in Website, Hosting and Firewall Security Setup

Security is essential in today’s business environment.

In order to Secure a Website, it is more than just making sure that a Security Certificate is installed correctly. There are a few layers of Security to consider:

  • Firewall Level – Prevention at the Firewall Level can mitigate DDOS, SynFlood, SQL XSS, Brute Force and other attacks.
  • Server Level – Server defense can prevent hacker attacks before they even reach your website.
  • Application Level – At the WordPress level properly configured Security can prevent any attacks when they are on your website

You can have us perform a Security Analysis using state-of-the-art ‘White Hat’ hacking techniques, to profile your current website security. (If we perform Security Hardening, or you sign up for a Website Maintenance Program, the Security Analysis will be credited toward other services.)

Security also depends on a current, well updated and backed-up website, so consider one of our Maintenance Programs.

It is amazing how many websites still have 'Not Secure' when viewing them in a browser. At a MINIMUM, a website needs a properly installed SSL Certificate, since Google and Bing penalize sites that are not secure. So if you and your competitor have exactly the same business and search terms, and yours is NOT secure, you are going to show up much, much lower in results.

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