Website Maintenance

WordPress Themes and Plugins need to be updated regularly for Security

Quadshot can take you to the PUB™ – Prevent, Update & Backup with our Maintenance Programs

Websites are always a target for Hackers. We have Maintenance Programs to keep your website safe and up-to-date.

We include the following in our PUB™ Maintenance Programs.

  • PREVENT – Having good Security plugins, firewalls and server-level defense reduces the attack vectors
  • UPDATE – By keeping plugins up-to-date, especially Security updates, it reduces the chance to get hacked
  • BACKUP – Having off-server backups and a proven disaster recovery system is important in case of a hack or server failure
All of our Maintenance Programs are available Month-to-Month or Annually with a Discount. We do not have any long-term contracts, instead we believe in just providing excellent service.

Enterprise Maintenance & Devops

Professional Services for Enterprise Customers with higher traffic include:

  • Code Management
  • Version Control and Release Management
  • AWS and Google Cloud Management
  • Load Balancing and Autoscaling Setups
  • Architecture and Systems Design
  • Ongoing Development Services
  • Security Evaluation and Hardening
  • Firewall and DDOS Prevention
  • Active Security, Malware and Uptime Monitoring
  • Analytics Changes and Monitoring
  • Email, Web, Phone and Slack Support
  • 24/7 Services Available

Contact Us to for a Free Consultation and to develop a Custom Maintenance Program


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