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WordPress Security – Version 4.7.2 Fixes Vulnerabilities

WordPress Security Update WordPress Security is very important.  Wordpress is great, but since it is the most popular web publishing system in the world, it is makes WordPress a hackers biggest target. Luckily the people at Automattic keep on top of the issues and release Security and Bug updates. WordPress 4.7.2 Security Release is an […]

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Quadshot’s Favorite WordPress Plugins

Here’s some of our team’s favorite WordPress Plugins: OpenTickets Community Edition – A plugin very close to our Quadshot hearts ever since we released it to world and the WordPress community in 2014. OpenTickets Community Edition is a free event management and online ticket sales platform, built on top of WooCommerce. Yes, that’s right we […]

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Getting Requirements Right First Time

It is less expensive and certainly more efficient to get requirements right the first time.   It is a truism that trying to change a computer system AFTER it has been built can be much more expensive than having done it right the first time. This is even true of systems built using Content Management Systems […]

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Writing a WordPress Plugin – Where to Begin

How do you starting writing a WordPress plugin? Today, I started writing a post about the beginning steps of making a WooCommerce Extension, when suddenly it occurred to me that I should start from the beginning instead. What are some skills you needed in writing a WordPress Plugins? What are some things you need to […]

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Security Alert: Fancybox-for-WordPress Plugin Exploit

The plugin ‘Fancybox-for-WordPress’ has a zeroday exploit in the wild. It has been removed from WordPress.org. If you are using this plugin, we suggest you remove it immediately. Sucuri had a great writeup about this issue. This is a great example why it is important to choose plugins carefully and keep them up to date. […]

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Is WordPress a CMS?

I get asked this question often. What is WordPress? It is a CMS? It is just for bloggers? In order to answer this, there needs to be a definition of CMS. I tell people that ‘A CMS, or Content Management System’ is something that lets non-technical people publish a website without knowing code’. This article […]

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WordPress creator Automattic valued over $1Billion

WordPress was started over 10 years ago. My, it has grown. From humble beginnings as a simple blogging platform, WordPress now powers 1 in 5 website. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has raised $160 Million in venture funding since Matt Mullenweg, one of the original authors of WordPress, took back the reins as CEO.  This […]

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WordPress 3.8 update details

Here’s the link to check out all the updates in this WordPress 3.8 release. http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.8 There are several changes I appreciate a lot, especially the new widget interface and the super  clean admin. Use of OpenSans font and the responsiveness also make updating WordPress much easier from mobile devices.

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WordPress 3.8 Released

WordPress 3.8 ‘Parker’ has been released. This update showcases a new streamlined and themed admin, with vector icons and making a simple admin even simpler. There are also many different features you can read about in detail at wordpress.org Here’s a video overview:

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Publish to WordPress through Google Glass

If you are one of the lucky ones (and spent the dough) to get Google Glass, you can now publish directly to WordPress from your Google Glass using the wpForGlass plugin. Photos and Videos can be uploaded directly as a post. Mashable Article on Google Glass Publishing to WordPress

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