Cyber Security: How to Tell If Your Website Is Secure

In a world where online interactions play a more central role in business than ever before, it’s absolutely vital that your website becomes one of the best weapons in your arsenal. To truly unlock the full potential of the site, however, it’s imperative that you keep it secured.

Without the right protection, your company could be exposed to a range of attacks while clients and employees alike will have concerns regarding trust. Here’s how you can tell if your online facilities boast the cybersecurity they deserve, as well as some tips to make your site more secure.

How to Audit Website Security and Protect Your Site

Encrypt the dataaudit website security

Data encryption is one of the most important features of a safe and secured business site. SSL certification is easily recognized because your domain address will change from ‘HTTP’ to ‘HTTPS’, which means visitors will instantly know whether your site boasts the right cybersecurity.

To gain SSL certification, you need to choose the right web hosting package. Next, you’ll need to download the SSL encryption software (which isn’t expensive) before installing it to your site from the backend of CMS system. If you’re having trouble, our experts are here to support you.

The encryption is ultimately there to ensure that any information entered by the user travels from site to server in a protected fashion. If your site has the magic ‘s’ in the domain, this is a great place to start.

Use a website seal

Protecting data that is being transferred during online interactions is a vital first step as it will keep hackers at bay. However, Malware and viruses are the other major concerns that must be addressed right away. Otherwise, it could spell disaster for the business as well as the clients.

A Site Seal is a security tool that actively monitors your site for Malware that may have been uploaded by hackers. You can think of it as like having an antivirus software running for your website. Aside from the direct benefits, seeing the badge will comfort visitors and deter hackers.

A website Security Seal is even cheaper than the SSL certification. So, you can protect the site in both ways for under $100. Given that this small investment can prevent an array of cyber threats and attacks, you’d be a fool to skip this any longer. After all, 60% of attacks happen to SMEs with under 1,000 employees.

Be prepared for the worst

Protecting your website and business with the right cyber security should be the priority as prevention is always the best form of protection. Nevertheless, the fact that some of the biggest companies on the planet have still suffered virtual attacks should highlight the fact that you’ll never be 100% safe. That’s why you need a team like Quadshot Digital helping you secure your site and taking the proper steps for security from the beginning.

Build a Safer Website with Quadshot Digital

A safe website is a better website that will put you and your clients’ minds at ease. Visitors will demand other features such as accessible contact details. While this will help build trust, getting the security measures under control is top of the agenda. Contact the experts at Quadshot Digital to help with your website security today.

WordPress Security – Version 4.7.2 Fixes Vulnerabilities

WordPress Security Update

WordPress Security is very important.  Wordpress is great, but since it is the most popular web publishing system in the world, it is makes WordPress a hackers biggest target.

Luckily the people at Automattic keep on top of the issues and release Security and Bug updates.

WordPress 4.7.2 Security Release is an example. It closes some potential Security holes.

To prevent getting hacked, it is important to keep your software up to date.

Some best practices to prevent having a VERY bad day:

  1. Keep your WordPress and Plugins up to date
  2. Choose plugins that are currently being maintained, and compatible with your current WordPress (this is not always possible, but a good ideal)
  3. Always have a backup – offsite from the server you host your website
  4. Host with someone who knows security – server network, server software and WordPress

Some people do it themselves, others hire someone to do it. (obvious pitch: Quadshot has WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Programs.)

Here’s a writeup from ZDNet about the potential dangers:

WordPress patches dangerous XSS, SQL injection bugs | ZDNet

WordPress has patched three security flaws including a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability and SQL injection problem which could lead to the creation of new vulnerabilities. Last week, the content management system’s (CMS) developers said in a security advisory that the new fixes resolve three important security issues, all of which impact WordPress versions 4.7.1 and earlier.

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