Quadshot’s Favorite WordPress Plugins

wp logo Here’s some of our team’s favorite WordPress Plugins:

OpenTickets Community Edition – A plugin very close to our Quadshot hearts ever since we released it to world and the WordPress community in 2014. OpenTickets Community Edition is a free event management and online ticket sales platform, built on top of WooCommerce. Yes, that’s right we are the creators of this amazing easy to set-up, easy to use, easy to manage online ticket sales plugin. Downloaded OpenTickets and sell tickets and/or products to your very own event today. Chris Webb, Co-Founder and CTO said, “OpenTickets Community Edition is flexible, easy to use, and provides me hours of interaction with random people in the world.”

Advanced Custom Fields – At the very core this plugin provides developers with intuitive and easy to use fields. Advanced Custom Fields is the perfect solution for providing more flexible data to your website. The API allows you to quickly display field data in your theme and you can format the value depending on the field type, making development quicker and easier. Quadshot Developer Robert Gillmer said, “It makes it easy for me to look like a Rockstar. It’s the best way to make navigating the back-end as easy as possible for the clients.”

Buddypress – Social networking is one of the main components today in building your business. Buddypress can do this with your WordPress website with member/membership profiles, user groups, private messaging, activity streams, notifications and many more amazing social networking features. Senior Developer, Tom Smith considers this to be is favorite big WP plugin.

WooSlider – The ultimate responsive slideshow plugin created by WooThemes for WordPress is one of the most used plugins by our team on sites requiring a slideshow. Easy to use, this paid plugin will run you around $49 – $149 depending on the license you need. Create and add a responsive slide-show anywhere on your website using the WooSlider widgets or shortcodes. Quadshot’s Founder, Michael Cremean said “It lets the customer control content in unique ways and it is very easy to customize. We love when the customer can control their own content”

Features by WooThemes – This plugin allows you the ability to feature products, offers, sponsors and even companies by using a widget, short-code or template tag. A free plugin, Features can create unique display areas on your pages with the opportunity to link these areas back to any page you like. Display images and/or content, manage how data is shown and the use of categories allows for additional display options. This is actually my favorite WordPress plugin. I have used this plugin in most of the sites that I have worked on. It’s so easy to use and gives me great display effects.

Quick Tip: You can also find most of Quadshot’s favorite WordPress Plugins by going to your plugins tab > add New Plugin > to the left of the search bar you will sell the tabs Featured | Popular | Recommended | Favorites > click Favorites > type in Quadshot.  This will display some of the main plugins that we use when building sites for our customers.

OpenTickets launches as an alternative to TicketMaster

open-tickets-logoToday we launched OpenTickets, an open-source Event Management and Online Ticket Sales platform, at OpenTickets.com .

“OpenTickets was created to offer small and mid-size organizations and businesses a real solution to level the playing field,” said Michael Cremean, Founder and CEO of Quadshot Software. “Buying tickets online should be simple for the customer, but unfortunately it is often frustrating. By creating OpenTickets using open-source technologies, we’ve made the process easy for the customer and affordable for organizations selling tickets.”

 OpenTickets first helped solve online ticketing issues for Artisan Center Theater, a 200-seat theater located in Hurst, Texas. Since implementing OpenTickets software during the second quarter of 2013, the growing theater in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has experienced a record-breaking year in ticket sales – over 40,000 just in the last 6 months.

With help from OpenTickets, Artisan Center Theater has seen a 30 percent increased revenue growth and a successful donations program.  Due to this success Artisan Theater will be opening a second stage in January 2014 – doubling their capacity after ten years of being in business.

In an open letter to Quadshot Software, Artisan Center Theater Founder and President, Richard Blair wrote, “What you have done for our business is very difficult to express in words, but I will try. OpenTickets has been the most refreshing and exciting professional business relationship I can remember in 35 years of business. Artisan Center Theater recently celebrated our 10th Birthday. We are now one of the top 10 community theaters in America with over 70,000 patrons attending each year. OpenTickets has insured we will have many more to come. Thank you.”

OpenTickets Software was built to leverage two widely used open-source software packages. WordPress, used by about 1/5 of the top 10 million websites, provides constantly updated, powerful, secure web content management tools. WordPress creates a strong, proven backbone for OpenTickets. WooCommerce, an open-source and free e-commerce toolkit, handles a large portion of the E-Commerce component.  Using open-source tools and technologies like PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, and AJAX, we provide a cross-platform, mobile-enabled, user-friendly way to sell online tickets.  For management, we also created an easy interface to manage event-related product and tickets sales and generate reports.

“When we began developing OpenTickets and working with Artisan, we noticed that there were some basic concepts that the available ticketing platforms just did not cover – flexibility, open-source access to code and easy management tools. ” said Chris Webb, Co-founder and CTO for Quadshot software. “Artisan’s online ticketing problems were not unique, but rather industry wide; every theater owner, promoter and venue manager we talked to had the same issues with their current ticketing solution.”

OpenTickets rivals other ticketing platforms by offering an array of features through open-source technologies including:

  • Open-source Code Flexibility

  • Available as a download to run on your server or SaaS

  • Venue Management

  • Event Management  – Single and Recurring

  • Seating Charts – Simple Tools to create GA, Zone or Reserved Seating

  • Ticket and Product Management

  • Reporting system with Audit Trail and Exports

  • Permission-based Roles

  • User Management

  • Coupons and Sale Support

  • Wait List

  • Event Check-in with QR Reader Support

  • System Administration and Custom Settings

OpenTickets customer Rick Blair added “From our very first contact, working with (OpenTickets) has been a pleasure and rewarding experience.  Please feel free to share my hardy endorsement

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