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Getting Requirements Right First Time

It is less expensive and certainly more efficient to get requirements right the first time.   It is a truism that trying to change a computer system AFTER it has been built can be much more expensive than having done it right the first time. This is even true of systems built using Content Management Systems […]

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Why planning is important

Recently we were asked to (do a very difficult task) on a (ridiculously short timeline). Well, it honestly doesn’t matter what the particular tasks was, it highlighted the importance of planning. When developing a WordPress website or plugin (which we do a lot of), it is critical to plan WHAT you are doing before just […]

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Feature Creep – The Death Of Any Project

So your project is going along well. You’ve worked with a developer to establish the feature list of each page of a site. (With Quadshot, if you’re lucky.) Then just as you are about ready to launch the site, suddenly it strikes… [cue scary and intense music now] FEATURE CREEP! Run!!!  Ok, so imagine you […]

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Celebrity Celebration

We have been working for some time on a Celebrity Publishing Platform (“Platform”, for confidentiality project naming is changed) project for one of our clients, BuzzMedia and I am happy to announce that it is finally seeing the light of … well, the LCD screens around the internet. Last week, we finalized its release and […]

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Why You Are Not Apple

In almost every conversation with a customer about theme selection or design, someone on the call mentions “we’d like it to look more like Apple”. Well, this usually means that they’d like a clean site with lots of white space and a focus on their product. Apple does this VERY well, and your product probably […]

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

This is by far the most common question we get here at Quadshot. It is a natural question to ask. While we wish it was a clear-cut answer, with a simple set of check-boxes like a Sushi menu, it’s not that simple. Think about a website as you would a house: Imagine you are in […]

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