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WordPress Wrench

The (Re) Making Of Maine Today

…and how passion and identity inspired me to push beyond our own limitations. As a developer for Quadshot I can say I am proud of our successes in revitalizing some great, classic sites and we have become well known for our ability to “manage old content.” As a team we’ve brought older, yet still relevant […]

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Celebrity Celebration

We have been working for some time on a Celebrity Publishing Platform (“Platform”, for confidentiality project naming is changed) project for one of our clients, BuzzMedia and I am happy to announce that it is finally seeing the light of … well, the LCD screens around the internet. Last week, we finalized its release and […]

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Samuel Bayer Photography Website.

Samuel Bayer is an award winning film and video maker, known for his cutting edge look, story telling and ability to bring the extraordinary to life. He has shot and directed videos for The Strokes, Nirvana, Hole and Green Day. Bayer won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction in 2005 and 2007 among […]

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Celebuzz re-launches with brand new website

Celebuzz.com launched with a new website! From their news team: As you can see, Celebuzz has a brand-spanking-new look and design that we think is pretty freaking sweet. The layout, structure and everything that went into it was for you: We want to give you the best celebrity news experience out there. You’ll see bigger […]

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