Quadshot Team Bios

‘The Core’

Michael Cremean, Founder and CEO

aka “Open Mike”

Michael Cremean is a former CTO and Director of Technology of several internet startups. Michael has led teams of over 70 people and managed complex technology product launches over the last 20 years. Cremean has led efforts launching products in many markets, including Wireless, Mobile, Robotics, Online Learning, Gaming and Streaming Media.

He has 6 patents, plays a few musical instruments and consumes a lot of coffee.  He lives in Las Vegas with a couple dogs named Sally and Maggie, who are the official corporate mascots. Mike also sits on the board of a couple nonprofit organizations and believes in helping people.

Chris Webb – Co-Founder and CTO

aka “Super 1337 Haxorlator”

Chris comes originally from Kentucky, where they don’t call it KFC, it’s just FC. Prior to Quadshot, Chris developed large-scale e-commerce platforms handling over a million SKUs, architected systems sustaining millions of unique pageviews a day and worked with large scale mail management systems. He is an open-source advocate living and working in LAMP. He has also made contributions to the WordPress Core which were included in the codebase.

At Quadshot he has developed systems that allow our customers to deliver a ‘bazillion page views a day’. (Ok, half a billion) Chris lives in Las Vegas, runs Triathlons and makes square pegs fit into round holes on a daily basis.

Tom Smith –  Lead Developer

aka “Strong KungFu”

Tom Smith has KungFu. It is strong. He has worked on custom e-commerce systems, robotic vision systems and many, many WordPress and custom PHP projects. A LAMP aficionado, he lives and breathes code. Well, along with the strong KungFu coding, he also makes strong coffee, which he has shared with staff on many occasions. Tom lives in Venice, CA and is a proud papa.

Gerlando ‘Dino’ Termini – Lead Developer

aka “Lo Stallone Italiano”

Dino comes to us from New Jersey by way of Italy. A leading WordPress developer, he has built some of the most popular open-source plugins for WordPress, including WP SlimStat, a customized traffic reporting engine used by over 200k developers.

He also blogs in Italian, raises his family in the Garden State and entertains us daily with his accent in Skype. (As we do him, with our American English accents.)

Stacy Makdad –  Project Manager

aka “The Whip”

Stacy hails from Trinidad, where apparently they taught how to boss people around but in a nice way. Here in the US we call that ‘Project Management’! After moving to Las Vegas, Stacy owned a Virtual Assistant company where she helped celebrities as well as business executives manage their schedules and their many simultaneous projects. Those experiences now help Quadshot keep our many projects on track. Stacy also keeps all the staff and contractors in line. When not cracking the whip, she hikes, is a meditation advocate and a culinary expert.

‘The Contractors’

aka “SWAT WordPress Awesome Team” (yes, we know that is recursive)

Quadshot has a small army of contractors. Depending on project scope and needs, we have brought in 1 to 17 additional specific TRUSTED contractors who’ve worked with us over the years. We only hire US citizens. Contractors must pass a rigorous test before working for Quadshot.