Our Process


Wow, our process is so unique….So revolutionary… we’re almost reluctant to share it. (Kidding)

Here goes our process:

1.  Work with our customers to create a Project Plan (Planning)

2.  Follow the Project Plan (Development)

3.  Check you did it right (QA)

4.  Wash, Rinse and Repeat as needed. (Agile Development)

Of course, we could elaborate and make nifty pie-charts and use the random buzzword generator to say things like ‘for our testing we perform streamlined bandwidth-monitored benchmarks; (actual buzzword generator result…).

The bottom line is that all this talk about process boils down to the same formula: good planning + smart code + checking your work = happy clients.

It is so simple, yet our process provides us with time and time again successful results.  Just ask our clients!

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